Women’s Farrah Pattern Tester Call

thank you for your interest!

I have a new pattern in the works and it’s another women’s pattern – the Farrah Pattern. I’m excited to be working on another women’s pattern and I’m thinking I’d like to continue with more of a focus on women’s patterns while making girls’ versions when there’s an interest. I don’t have the girls version drafted yet, but let me know if you’d like this design for girls too and that could come next.

The Farrah Pattern has two views and each view offers a Blouse and a Dress version. View A has ruffle sleeves and View B is sleeveless with a front ruffle. The pattern is designed to be fitted through the bust with the waist and hips loose. There are no closures to sew and it’s an easy-to-wear slip-on style. The finished length for the Blouse is designed to hit mid-rise in the front and is longer in the back. The finished length for the Dress is above the knee and longer in the back. If you’re interested in testing this pattern, please review the test dates and apply below.






I run my tests with two phases, which might be different from other tests you have worked on. The test is held in a private Facebook group. Everyone joins the Facebook group at the same time. PHASE 1 testers start first and submit their fit photos and complete a survey. I make all necessary updates and then upload a new pattern for PHASE 2 testers.

Test Dates
PHASE 1 – Friday, March 17th thru Tuesday, March 21st
PHASE 2 – Thursday, March 23rd thru Monday, March 27th
Please review the dates and confirm they are workable before applying.

To test the pattern, I ask that you are able to sew the pattern following the tutorial, complete the survey and submit fit photos on a model by Tuesday, March 21st (for PHASE 1) OR Monday, March 27th (for PHASE 2). Only one sample is required for each tester. I require modeled fit photos only – styled photos are welcomed but not required. In return you will receive the final pattern for free and hopefully a new top or dress to wear for spring!

Recommended Fabrics
Cotton or Rayon – Lawn, Voile, Challis, Linen and Double Gauze. This style is designed for a light weight to medium weight woven fabric with nice drape. You can color block and use different fabrics. I recommend a lightweight fabric for the ruffles to achieve the best drape. For reference, the geometric fabric used for my dress sample is Rayon Lawn from Miss Matatabi and the black fabric used for the blouse is Rayon Voile from LA Finch Fabrics.

Yardage Requirements

Size Range: 0 thru 18

I know that you will be committing to time away from your family or other priorities during this test. I really appreciate your time and effort. I will email all who apply by Friday, March 17th.

Thanks for checking out this tester call!

11 thoughts on “Women’s Farrah Pattern Tester Call

  1. I am available either time frame for a size 8-10 pattern sizing.

    I am unsure what information you require here…

    I have been a casual sewer for 25 years or so, costumes for the last 4, and regular wear clothing since the beginning of 2017 – I would range my skills as intermediate.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. Would love to be included in your test for Gabriela. I would put myself in the advanced cataglory for sewing…have sewn all sizes from infant to adult.

  3. I would like to participate! I am a size 4 according to your size chart. I am a beginner to intermediate sewer. I am available for both testing phase time slots. The pattern looks really cute. I would prefer to sew up view A in either the blouse or dress version.

  4. Wow that looks sl great! And very difficult to pick one ???? I also love version B with ruffles ❤ I also have a 5y old daughter who loves to dress up just like mommy. So I’m hoping for a girl version as well ????

  5. Wow this looks great! It was so hard to pick one because I also love version B ???? I have a 5y old daughter who loves to dress just like mommy. So I’m hoping for the girl pattern as well ????

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