I’m back sharing more tester versions of the Women’s Waterfall Raglan. You are in for loads more inspiration today. All of these ladies were so professional and encouraging during testing which made for such a fun and easy test. I love connecting with other women who share the common interest of sewing and these ladies are wonderful! I know you are going to love their versions, so please check them out.

I’d like to thank everyone for such a warm welcome to my first women’s pattern. I’m excited to get started on more women’s designs since I could really use some new clothes. So I’d love to know, would you like to see more women’s patterns?

As a reminder, you can grab your copy of the Women’s Waterfall Raglan or the Waterfall Bundle.
SALE ends Sunday, January 22nd.

Sara – The Sara ProjectBettina – Stahlarbeit | Tami – Sew Sophie Lynn | Eveline – Froelein Tilia | Meg – Cookin’ and Craftin’ | Toya – Made by Toya | Dominique –  kreaminoMonica – Ma, me, mi…mo | Victoria – Very Blissful

Sara – The Sara Project

Bettina – Stahlarbeit

Tami – Sew Sophie Lynn

Eveline – Froelein Tilia

Meg – Cookin’ and Craftin’

Toya – Made by Toya
United Kingdom

Dominique –  kreamino

Monica – Ma, me, mi…mo
Victoria – Very Blissful

I hope you have enjoyed these reviews and make sure to grab your copy while it’s on SALE for the next 3 days!