I asked in Instagram Stories the other day if there would be any interest in some of the general survey results from the annual survey we had in our year in review post. The overwhelming response was YES, so today I have that for you.

The 1,031 people who took the survey follow Chalk and Notch either on Instagram, Facebook or are signed up to receive our newsletter. We posted the survey, promoted on our social channels and left the survey up for one week. I write this to say that these results are skewed to our reach and people who wanted to participate, not necessarily the sewing community as a whole. There was also a giveaway component to the survey (5 winners have been chosen to win a free pattern) as an added incentive. I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to submit feedback and for all of the kind comments. Your support means a lot, and I am so excited to bring you more in 2020 based on your guidance and feedback!

Below are the survey results. I am not including specific Chalk and Notch questions or specific comments from the open-ended options, but I will speak to the general response. I will say that there were a few questions that I could have set up differently for clearer results (I’m not a professional at creating surveys). I’ve noted these things so I don’t repeat the same mistakes next time. You’ll see what I mean below.

The results are in!

20 and under – 0%
20-29 – 7%
30-39 – 42%
40-49 – 25%
50-59 – 15%
60-69 – 10%
70+ – 1%

How many sewing patterns do you purchase each year?
none – 0%
1-2 – 5%
3-5 – 25%
6-10 – 29%
Over 10 – 40%
Other – 1%
Many people mentioned that they purchase way more than 10 per year, so I should have added more options. I personally don’t buy that many patterns a year, so I misjudged the answer options.

When you do like to purchase a pattern?
During the release – 14%
Only during a sale – 41%
Seasonally – 14%
Other – 31%
It’s no surprise that people love a sale. We offer two scheduled sales per year, and releases are always on sale during release week. A lot of the “other” responses were “all of the above” and “when they are ready to cut & sew.” I should have included these options.

If you shop seasonally, when are you most likely to purchase a pattern?
Spring – 17%
Summer – 14%
Fall – 12%
Holiday – 14%
Other – 43%
Another question where I should have added other options like “I don’t purchase seasonally” or “all of the above.” We got lots of these answers in the “other” comments.

How do you prefer to keep up with Chalk and Notch patterns?
Newsletter – 40%
Instagram – 48%
Facebook – 8%
Other – 4%
Most of the “other” answers were “all of the above” or “a combo” with the least number of people saying Facebook.

Our new Chalk and Notch size range is 0-24 with two bust cups. Does Chalk and Notch offer a size for you?
Yes, my size is available with the new size range 0-24 – 95%
No, my size is not available with the size range of 0-24 – 2%
Other – 3%
This was a very important question for me. Most of the “other” answers were that they did fit but needed an even larger FBA or still wanted a larger size range for friends and family. I will be continuing to update all women’s patterns with our new size range, and any new patterns will be released in the new size range as well.

Chalk and Notch patterns are currently only offered as PDF downloads (not paper patterns). Does this prevent you from purchasing a pattern from Chalk and Notch?
Yes – 5%
No – 93%
Other – 2%
This makes sense as most of the customers I reached with the survey know that Chalk and Notch patterns are only available as PDF patterns.

We have been adding fitting and custom adjustment posts for our patterns. Do you find these posts helpful?
Yes, I find the fitting and custom adjustment posts helpful – 89%
No, I am not interested – 5%
Other – 6%
Many of the “other” responses noted that they did not know these posts were available.

We are working to provide more sewing support through photo and video sewalongs. Are you interested in these types of posts?
Yes, I enjoy photo and video sewalong tutorials – 89%
No, I am not interested – 10%
Other – 1%

We are working to provide more sewing tutorials on how to hack or modify our patterns. Are you interested in these types of posts?
Yes, I enjoy tutorials on how to modify patterns I already own – 96%
No, I am not interested – 3%
Other – 1%
The great news is that this is already in the works, so I am super happy to bring more of this content to you as it was the most requested of the three types of blog content we are working on this year.

Overall everyone was so kind and supportive. I can promise you that all of the encouraging words and criticism were read and heard. I will say that of the criticisms, most were requesting listing photos in larger sizes. I hear you and will work on that for future photoshoots. I also received several requests for more girls’ patterns. I’m sorry to say that we don’t have any girls’ patterns planned for 2020. Releasing girls’ patterns are not viable, and I have to focus on the patterns that sell the best in order to sustain our business.

Thanks to everyone who was interested in joining the Chalk and Notch team! We have a great blogger team and fabric sponsors that I am excited to share with you soon. Along with the blogger team, we are also growing behind the scenes, and I appreciate everyone who applied for the marketing and graphic design positions. I am thankful to have some additional help this year.

Together, our team will be doing our best to improve and hopefully continue to bring you more of what you love. Wishing you all the best in 2020!
XO, Gabriela