Chalk and Notch and everyone on our team is in full support of the global movement, Black Lives Matter. We have posted a statement on our social media channels, Instagram and in our Facebook C+N patterns support group, but we also want to make a pledge here on our blog to our sewing community that we will support Black makers and continue our education on anti-racism. We are committed to long-term, ongoing change.

We have started a framework of actionable items that we will continue to revisit and improve year over year. We feel that it’s important to make this commitment to our customers, testers, team, and contractors that we work with.

  • Our team will continue with anti-racism education. We attended the Hello Seven Town Hall and we will continue our education.
  • We will support Black makers in our sewing community⁠ by sharing and celebrating their makes, stories, and causes on social media. We support Black Makers Matter on Instagram.
  • We will work with a diverse group of models for our listing images.
  • We will work with a diverse group of pattern testers.
  • We will hire more Black makers as part of our contributor team⁠. We will increase diversity each year.
  • We will only work with contributors and fabric sponsors that also support Black Lives Matter and have publicly stated their support. ⠀
  • We will be donating 20% of our June 2020 revenue to the following causes: Black Lives Matter, The Bail Project, and The Loveland Foundation. Going forward we will donate 1% of our 2020 revenue to Black Lives Matter and 1% of our 2020 revenue to the Indigenous People Movement.

We have found so many resources for education on Black Lives Matter. Here are a few for anyone who might be interested.

This is ongoing work and education, and we welcome additional suggestions. Thank you to the activists doing the important work of educating and fighting for justice.⁠ ⁠⠀

Sending Love + Support!⁠⠀
XO, Gabriela⁠ & the Chalk and Notch Team

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