I wanted to bring you a little Cascade Maxi inspiration! There are two views, both with the same finished length; View B includes a border hem for color blocking. By making a few simple modifications you can create even more looks using the Cascade Maxi pattern. Most of these modifications came from my testers trying variations on their own after sewing the test sample. I love their ideas and I wanted to share them with you. You can purchase the Cascade Maxi pattern in the Chalk and Notch shop HERE while it’s on SALE for a few more days!

Knit Cascade Maxi


The pattern is designed for lightweight woven fabric. I was talking with my friend Celina of Petit a Petit + Family and she suggested I sew it in velvet for Holiday. The velvet I found was stretch…so I thought I’d give it a try. This isn’t really much of a modification but more of a PSA – this dress can be made in KNIT, so exciting! I sourced this stretch velvet from Fabric.com in Royal Blue and Gold and I love how these turned out. I’m pretty excited their holiday dresses are ready since I’m usually pretty last minute about my sewing! I’d love to sew a faux fur Fishtail Kimono to complete the outfit but I have some time to get to that. The only modifications I made when using this velvet knit was to shorten the straps 3/8″ (1 cm) but other than that I made no other adjustments. Depending on how much stretch your fabric has you may need to shorten your back elastic or trim some fabric from the hem to make sure it doesn’t touch the floor.


Maria Luisa created this gorgeous top that took my breath away! For the size 4 she removed 14.5″ from the hem, all the way around on View A. You can easily make this adjustment by measuring on your child where you would like the top to finish and removing the extra length. To keep the high-low effect remove the same amount all the way around. If you would like a more even hem you can remove more from the back.



Rebecca made three Cascade Maxi Dresses; you can see her other two dresses in this post HERE. If you prefer more ruffles over a color block band, you can add a ruffle hem easily to any length dress or top. For this modification Rebecca cut 2 front rectangles  4.25″ high (the same as the contrast band) by 36″ long. For the back she cut 2 rectangles  4.25″ high by 40″ long. She sewed the 4 pieces together, gathered the top edge and hemmed the bottom with a rolled hem. This is about a 2:1 ratio which creates a pretty gathered ruffle. You can do more or less length based on your ruffle preference.



I love what Emily did with her Cascade Maxi, she shaped the hem to make a more extreme high-low and it looks amazing! A much more dramatic cascade look that I know my girls would love.



I love a maxi dress but the dress looks really cute at the knee as well. Nelleke’s daughter requested this length and it’s perfect for running around. I can see it as a tunic length with leggings too. You can check out her review of the Cascade Maxi HERE.



Tone realized this awesome pineapple fabric was a little sheer for her daughter and asked how best to help add coverage and support for her. The solution we came up with was to extend the facing a few inches in length and to cut the facing out of a knit fabric. This essentially created a sports bra to solve the sheer fabric and need for additional support.



Mai Anh sewed up two versions during testing and added the sweetest trim details, pompoms and tassels. These dresses are adorable and the trims really make the dress feel special and unique.

I hope you have enjoyed a little more inspiration and don’t forget to grab your copy while it’s on SALE! You can purchase the Cascade Maxi pattern in the Chalk and Notch shop HERE, in the Chalk and Notch ETSY store or on the UpCraft Club site.



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  1. Estherliz
    6 years ago

    Inspiring! I’m keen to try out! Need more time but this pattern is in my top 10 “to do” list! 🙂

    • Gabriela
      6 years ago

      Yay! I can’t wait to see yours Esther! 🙂 XO

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