I was excited when Jill of Kneesocks and Goldilocks and Suz of Sewpony asked me to be part of the Juliette Pattern Tour. This is a perfect collaboration because both Jill and Suz design with a stylish vintage flare. I met Jill on Instagram when she was the first person to purchased my Fishtail Kimono pattern and post it on social media. That was a big deal to me – to see my very first pattern being enjoyed and sewn in the most beautiful vintage fabric! You can see the post here and see why I was totally blown away. We became fast friends and Jill has tested all of my patterns since. She’s basically a Chalk and Notch cover girl, although I don’t think she would have signed up for that gig if she had known. 

I have always admired Suz’s patterns but this is the first time I have sewn one and I can tell you that they are very well drafted. I was really impressed with the amount of views and options this pattern offers, making this pattern such a great value. I highly recommend it! Since we are entering into Summer I went with the sleeveless version for both of my girls. This made for a very quick sew and who doesn’t love that!

I was looking to make dresses in coordinating fabric. I had both of these in my stash and I love how they pair together. The pink and orange is by Melody Miller for Cotton + Steel that I purchased from Pink Door Fabrics on Etsy. The geometric print is a linen from LA Finch Fabrics and although this print is sold out they always carry a really cool selection of apparel fabrics. I also used this fabric to sew up a Farrah for me. You can see it in some photos at the end of the slideshow below. Since I was using a 5 year old photographer I wasn’t able to get photos of the full top but I’ll make sure to grab some soon.

I also wanted to make a some sort of pom pom accessory for this shoot. Since I was swamped with other projects I asked my mom if she would be willing to make up some pom poms for headbands. Since she is the best mom ever, she said yes! I just attached them to fold over elastic and there you have it – fun photoshoot prop!

After taking some out door photos near the girls’ school we decided to set up an indoor studio at home. The girls thought that was fun. I on the other hand was sweating after setting up the big rig in our small dining room. I had purchased a backdrop stand, new back drop paper, clips and a new tripod. Unfortunately this set up did not fit at all – that stand is going back and now I need to rethink a better portable backdrop situation. Maybe just taping the paper to the wall next time will suffice.

[metaslider id=6316]

These girls are great sports about taking photos for me. They get along and I’m happy to capture their friendship incase it doesn’t last (you know – through the teenage years). I don’t have a sister but watching them makes me see how special that relationship is. I am so glad they will always have each other along with their brother.

There are so many awesome ladies on this tour and every Juliette is so stunning! I am on the last day of the tour so make sure to go back and check out all of the versions. A big thanks to Suz & Jill for having me!

To grab your copy of the Juliette you can grab it in the Sewpony shop here. For an additional 10% discount on all sew pony patterns, use the code DRESSEDINSEWPONY (valid until June 2nd).
Suz is also hosting her very first contest featuring her patterns. All the contest details can be found here.

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  1. Emi
    4 years ago

    Oh my goodness!!! I love everything about these dresses! They are so adorable in the coordinating fabrics and pom poms (and your Farrah!!) <3 The photos at the end are so sweet, too. Love!

    • Gabriela
      4 years ago

      Thanks Emi for stopping by and checking out my post. I’m glad you enjoyed it! XO

  2. suz
    4 years ago

    These are so beautiful Gabriela (as are your daughters)….So bright and fun! I am so glad you enjoyed sewing up the pattern! Thank you for joining us!!

  3. Gabriela
    4 years ago

    Thanks so much Suz, it was my pleasure! XO

  4. [email protected]
    4 years ago

    These are so cute! Love the fabrics and how they match! ????

    • Gabriela
      4 years ago

      Thank you!

  5. Mie
    4 years ago

    I’m not surprised that Jill was the first to purchase AND post the Fishtail Kimono. This lady must be the fastest sewer ever 🙂 And I LOVE her version. Gorgeous! And these dresses. GAH, love them SO much. I have already said this somewhere else but I want to say it again. Tasteful circus dresses extravaganza. These are my favorite versions of this dress that I have seen I think. Together with Emi’s Hello Kitty/Liberty version. Fantastic work everyone. Please tell your Mom that if she needs a side business she should start selling those pompom hairbands – amazing!

    • Gabriela
      4 years ago

      Thank you so much for your kind comments Mie! I totally agree about Jill and how speedy she is, it’s pretty amazing. My mom will be thrilled to receive your complement since I’ve already told you what a fan she is of you! I really appreciate you stopping by. – XOXO

    1 year ago

    […] For the tour, Gabriela made each of her two daughters a gorgeous Juliette dress!!  See them here! Thank you for joining us […]

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