We are excited to bring you a sew along for our latest release, the Marcel Dress and Tank Top. Throughout this sew along we will be sewing the women’s View B (Mini Dress) in a mustard floral and the Mini Marcel View C (Tank Top) in a rainbow fabric.

There will be photos for each step and a video for each post. Our hope is that you will find all the support you need even if the Marcel is your first garment. Of course we also always have community lead sewing support in our Facebook group or you can email directly for additional support.

Let’s get started! In this post, we are gathering supplies, fusing fabric and cutting our pattern pieces.

Gathering Supplies

Before you get started, make sure you have everything you need. You will need:

  • The Marcel pattern printed in your size
  • Washed and pressed fabric
  • Tricot fusible interfacing
  • Preferred cutting tools (I like scissors and fabric weights)
  • Pins for sewing
  • Thread snips
  • A safety pin or a turning tool for turning your straps
  • *If you are sewing the Mini Marcel, you’ll also need 3/8″ elastic and two safety pins
Fabric, interfacing, Marcel Pattern pieces, and various sewing notions are shown on a white background

Cut Lists

Make sure you have all the pattern pieces you need for your view, and read the information on each pattern piece. For any pattern pieces that require interfacing, I set those aside and cut from a blocked fused piece of fabric (more on block fusing below).

Just a note, your pattern pieces can be cut on the cross grain if you would like to change the stripe or print direction.

Block Fuse Facings & Straps

Tricot fusible interfacing is recommended, but you can use any lightweight fusible interfacing. If you’d like more info about why I prefer to recommend Tricot fusible interfacing, you can check out this post here.

I recommend block fusing a piece of fabric and cutting the pattern pieces from fabric already bonded with fusible. If your fabric is stable, only add the fusible to the bodice facing pieces.

Cut Pieces for Our Sew Along

Pattern layout will vary based on your garment size and fabric width, but take your time and make sure your grainlines are parallel to the fabric selvage. Once you have all your pattern pieces cut, we are ready to start sewing. We are going to add some stay stitching and sew the straps!