Hello! I´m Gema from Cosiendo sin dedal and @cosiendosindedal on Instagram. I´m 19 and from Spain. I´m so excited to be part of the Chalk and Notch team collaborators this year. Today I’m sharing with you an easy hack for the Page hoodie to make a button placket.

A close up of gold snaps on a hacked Page Hoodie

Undoubtedly, adding buttons to tops is one of the most seen trends in stores this fall-winter. Personally, I really like it and, think it gives a special touch to the garment. 

The hack is really easy and I hope the steps are clear.


When I saw this Sezane sweater I knew I had to have something like this in my closet. I love the color combination and using a color as vivid as fuchsia in winter seems like a breath of fresh air. I’m starting to get a little tired of black, grey, brown, beige…

If you are more into prints, I think this hack looks great with striped fabrics, it gives it a very cool sailor vibe (which is also very trendy now).


I´ve used two different ones: sweatshirt fabric and rib fabric, both in raspberry color. They are from Divazus (click on the images if you want to have a closer look at them).

Any sweatshirt fabric will look good and you can even use all rib knit fabric for a more formal look.

You’ll need an extra piece of fabric for the button plackets. The measurements will depend on the width you choose and your hoodie size (we will talk about this later).

Pattern Adjustments

No special modifications need to be made to the pattern to make this hack. 

Personally, I like longer sweatshirts so I have lengthened it and left the bottom straight but these changes don’t interfere with the hack at all.


The construction doesn’t change much from the original hoodie:

  1. With right sides together, sew the sleeves to the front and back bodies, matching the notches (steps 6 and 7).
A close up of one fuschia colored Page Hoodie shoulder seam sewn

Instead of sewing the front bodice to the two sleeves, sew only one sleeve (leave the one where you want the buttons to go). 

The inside neck of a fuschia colored Page Hoodie is shown with 3 of 4 shoulder seams sewn.

It´ll look like this:

An unsewn shoulder seam of a fuschia colored Page Hoodie is shown.

2. Pin the neckband (you can download the pattern here and check the complete tutorial here)  to the bodice without sewing the ends. Then, stitch in place using an elastic or zigzag stitch.

A rib knit neckband is shown pinned to the neck of the fuschia Page Hoodie pieces.

Then, neaten the seams and press them towards the bodice.

A close up of the Page Hoodie neckband sewn and pressed at the neck.

3. Measure the curved contour of the front bodice and the sleeve. Add 2 cm for seam allowances. After that, decide how wide you want your button plackets to be (mine is 2.5 cm), multiply the measurement by two and add 2 cm. Now you have the measures for the rectangles of the button plackets. So, they will be:

Length: curved contour of the front bodice/sleeve + 2 cm. 

Width: measurement you’ve decided x 2 + 2 cm.

Cut the two rectangles. I highly recommend applying interfacing to them to reduce the elasticity as much as possible and to give them more structure when placing the buttons. Fold them in half and press.

The rib knit shoulder placket pieces are shown folded and pressed in half.

4. With the right sides facing on the inside, sew one of the short ends. Turn it right side out and pull out the corner. Give it a good press.

Repeat on the other rectangle.

5. Pin the button plackets to the bodice and the sleeve. Stitch them in place.

Finish the seams and press them towards the bodice/sleeve.

6. Attach buttons or snaps. If adding buttons, sew buttonholes on the top shoulder placket piece.

And ta-da!! Your Page hack is complete. Lovely, right? Continue sewing the hoodie where you left off (step 8).

Final Look

A close up of the page button shoulder sewing pattern hack
A close up of the page button shoulder sewing pattern hack
A close up of the page button shoulder sewing pattern hack

Comments (2)

  1. Faith
    7 months ago

    This turned out fabulously! I love the juicy pink with the metallic buttons. Nice hack!

  2. Sherri
    6 months ago

    You’ve done a beautiful job. Pressing makes such a difference and I’m glad you had that in your instructions. Can you share another photo of it unbuttoned so I can see how you finished where the placket and neck ribbing meet?
    Perhaps the wrong side of your Page?

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