Have you been following the series Sew Japan with Mie? Mie, of Sewing Like Mad, is hosting a sewing series on Celina’s blog, Petit a Petit + Family. During this monthly series Mie shares her adventures sewing from Japanese pattern books. Both Mie and Celina are two of my favorite bloggers – both for their style and impeccable taste! I have been wanting to join them since this series started. You can see posts from the series here: January’s post and February’s post. This month I took a quick break from drafting my latest pattern to join the party. I sewed my first pattern from a Japanese sewing book. I hope you like it!

sew japan with mie

I received a few Japanese sewing books for Christmas (well, “received” is a little misleading – I ordered myself a few books is more accurate!). I chose to sew the style “V” from Stylish Party Dresses by Yoshiko Tsukiori. I love the relaxed look and simplicity of this pattern.


Since this was my first time working with a Japanese pattern book I was a little worried about the work involved. The patterns are included in the book on one (or more) large sheets, with the patterns layered on top of each other. It looks a little crazy at first. After you find your style, you trace the pattern using tracing paper, add your prefered seam allowances and cut it out. I’m happy to say that it wasn’t hard or time consuming at all. If you are nervous too, don’t be!

Stylish Party Dresses by Yoshiko Tsukiori |  Bee tracing paper  | 18″ ruler | Gemstone Rayon in Navy from Cotton + Steel
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As I was working on this style I remembered that it resembled a style that I had pinned a long time ago, a Gingham check dress by Tumor Chisato (so long ago the link is no longer available). I had fabric on hand that was similar to the inspiration photo, so I attempted to recreate a similar look. Since the series is Sew Japan with Mie – color blocking was in order! I added a seam towards the hem of the pattern to allow for color blocking but made no other adjustments.


Here is my version. Admittedly it’s not a Tumor Chisato dress. I’m not sure it’s the most flattering look on me but I knew that when I started. Maybe I could have sized down? It’s one of those styles that I think is cool and totally comfortable but my husband just doesn’t get it at all. I also tried belting the dress and turning it into a blouse. I can see myself wearing it that way too. Both fabrics are rayon challis. The white/navy square print is from a local discount shop and I don’t have a resource. The navy/white diamond print is cotton and steel purchaced from Raspberry Creek (sold out, so I listed another resource). I have more of the cotton and steel diamond print and I think it would be perfect for a summer tank since the drape is so nice.



I hope you get a chance to join this series. Each month you can link up to the end of the post. This month I am joining these ladies and hosting a giveaway. If you link up you can enter to win 2 Japanese sewing books and my pattern the Fishtail Kimono. There is a rafflecopter at the end of the post here. Hope to see you there and good luck!

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Comments (6)

  1. Indu
    6 years ago

    First, you are gorgeous ???? I love both styles ❤️ maybe the blouse a touch more (but I’m a blouse person). Great fabric pairing too!

    • Gabriela
      6 years ago

      Thank you Indu, that is really sweet of you to say! I think I like the blouse a little more too 🙂

  2. Constança
    6 years ago

    This looks absolutely amazing on you! I love the dress version best. 🙂 I never thought I’d want to buy a Japanese pattern book for myself (I love the kids’ ones but since my body is just so different from the average Japanese woman, I’ve always thought the styles would never work for me) but this dress is making me rethink that assumption!

    • Gabriela
      6 years ago

      Thank you Constanca! I am so happy to hear that, yes absolutely consider sewing a Japanese pattern for yourself! There are so many books available I am certain you will find a style that you like! XO

  3. Mie
    6 years ago

    Okay, I can’t believe I have not been over here yet and commented on this post. Shame on me! You are so gorgeous and the dress is absolutely stunning and I agree with Constanca above…I like the dress version on you the best too. (and there are so many things husbands don’t understand haha). Thank you so much for linking up to Sew Japan with Mie and thank you again for your generous donation for the giveaway <3

    • Gabriela
      6 years ago

      Oh you are too sweet Mie! Don’t worry at all…I’m never on my own blog 🙂 I was so happy to join it was totally my pleasure! XOXO

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