We’re so close to finishing our Sun Tote! We’ll wrap up the sew along by attaching the straps, hemming the top and adding an optional pocket snap.


Pin the straps to the right side of the tote between the two notches, making sure not to twist the straps.

The sewn Sun Tote sewing pattern is shown with straps pinned.

If you are adding both straps, pin the long straps first and place the short straps on top. Stitch across the top edge at 3/8” (1 cm). When sewing through multiple layers, go slowly to avoid breaking a needle. You may need to use your bulky seam jumper here. The sew along will show two straps attached. I find two straps most useful on the Medium and Large size totes.

The second, smaller strap is shown pinned to the top of the Sun Tote Sewing pattern.


Turn the tote wrong side out. Press the top edge under 3/8” (1 cm). 

The nearly finished Sun Tote is shown inside out with the top pressed to inside.


Fold the top edge over 1” (2.5 cm). Pin and edgestitch the hem in place.

Sew from the wrong side during this step, and make sure your bobbin thread matches the right side of your tote. 

The top hem of the Sun Tote sewing pattern is shown stitched down.


Press the straps up and pin them in place.

Edgestitch the top edge of your tote. Sewing over the straps will be bulky and the seam jumper will help here, especially if your fabric is thick and you are sewing two sets of straps.

Secure the straps in place by stitching through the straps and top hem. It’s hard to see in this image but there are vertical stitch lines securing the straps. You could sew an “X” shape if you prefer.

A close up of the Sun Tote top is shown sewn and edgestitched.

When sewing through multiple layers, go slowly to avoid breaking a needle. 

a fully sewn and topstitched Sun Tote is shown on a white background.


Add an optional pocket snap, and you are finished. For more help attaching snaps, see our post here. Give your Sun Tote a final press!

A finished Sun Tote with front snap is shown on a white background.

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