I’m excited to share all of the wonderful tester versions of the Girls’ Fringe! The pattern was released right before the Christmas holiday so there was a bit of a delay for me to get the tester post up for you. But now that we are officially in 2019 and back to a semi-normal schedule, I’m so happy to have this post up!

If you are looking for the pattern, you can buy both the Girls’ Fringe and Women’s Fringe in the shop here.

I wanted to keep the pattern instructions for the Girls’ Fringe very similar to the Women’s Fringe. I tested several sizes during pretesting, but we found out pretty quickly that the neckline on the smaller sizes wasn’t right. It’s pretty tricky to find the right balance of being wide enough to pull over but not too big in the shoulders in the smaller sizes. So I decided to change the construction of View B after the first phase and add a back button/loop closure. This was something I had already been considering, so it was easy to make the switch when it was an issue for testers. I’m thrilled with the final pattern, and you can find more details and fabric recommendations in the release post here.

Twinning is always a good idea!

Although not part of the test, a few testers sewed up some twinning Fringe dresses. How sweet are these duos?! Do you love twinning with your little? I set up a discounted Fringe Bundle on the site if you do. You can shop both the Women’s & Girls’ Fringe, here.

Girls’ Fringe Testers

I say it every time, but it’s true, I have the best testers around! Working with these ladies is one of my favorite parts of releasing a pattern and a really fun way to meet sewing friends. I am so thankful for the effort and care they put into testing. Seeing all of these beautiful dresses together warms my heart. This is the result of a lot of work from talented sewists and friends! Make sure to check out these ladies on Instagram! All of their accounts are linked.

Testers Blog Posts

If you are looking for more photos and more pattern details, you can check out full blog posts from a few of the testers as well. I hope you feel inspired to try this pattern for you or the little lady in your life.