Testing a pattern is a big part of the development process. As a designer, I couldn’t do my job without it, and I always appreciate the amount of time and effort – let alone fabric! – my testers put in to each test. I enjoy meeting and connecting with other sewists from around the world during testing, and I love that I’ve made new friends after finishing a pattern test.

I like putting together tester posts so that you can see what the pattern looks like on a variety of people, the different fabrics they used, and the various ways in which they styled the pattern. As others from the community sew up the pattern, I also save blogged versions on our Victory Tank Pinterest Board along with fabric recommendations and RTW inspiration. We will continue adding to this board as new posts come up.

I want to thank all of these talented women. They gave so much detailed feedback and helped make the Victory Tank pattern possible. Not all of the testers are pictured, since submitting styled photos is not a requirement of testing. You can connect with these testers by following them on Instagram. All of their handles are linked by clicking on each photo. I hope you enjoy the inspiration!

Angie – Pocketful_of_rainbows88
Becca – Sunflowerseams
Becky – Sew_becky
Bernice – sewbee73
Bernice – sewbee73
Brooke – idle sunshine
Cass – Craftyprofessor
Cass – Craftyprofessor
Cathy – ohsewcathy
Cheryl – chwrylsews
Cynthia – seraandhardysewing
Dana – The Slippy Chicken Company
Elisah – MadebyAlley
Elisah – MadebyAlley
Erin – Brooklyn Pattern Company
Gina – sewdisabled
Heather – heatherzabaneh
Jen – makerheart
Jess – sewjesssews
Jessica – Kunklebaby
Jessica – Kunklebaby
Jessie – JessieFay719
Katie Kennedy – kak513
Kelly Gonthier
Kris – unsewcial
Kirsten Love – readrunsew
LeeAnn – leeannew10
Lim – limbksews
Lim – limbksews
Loni – havinsewmuchfun
Maria Luísa Santos – 3emlinha
Martha – garichild


Mary – sewmarymac
Meghan – joyfulemon
Meghan – joyfulemon
Megs – live.sew.love.coffee
Megs – live.sew.love.coffee
Merrill – twodogs_and_a_sewingmachine
Nichole – sewnichole
Rebekah – freshseams
Rhonda – rhondalorch
Sally – sallydmtan
Sarah – sekozal


Shannon – Indoor Shannon
Sharon – thesharonaguilar
Sharon – Seam Ripper Sharon


Shirley – craftsy_moments
Shirley – craftsy_moments
Simone – Intensely Distracted
Thao – littlecumquat

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