We are adding more sizes! At the end of 2018, we made the decision to add three more sizes and a new bust cup to Chalk and Notch patterns, updating our size chart from 0 – 18 to 0 – 24 with A/B & C/D bust cups. Now, 18 months later, we have decided to add three more sizes. The new Chalk and Notch size chart will be 0 – 30 with A/B & C/D bust cup options for all sizes.

Updated Chalk and Notch Size Chart for sizes 0-30.

During our most recent release of the Marcel pattern, we received a few requests for more sizes. Although we know we will not be able to serve everyone with the addition of three more sizes, we hope that more people can enjoy Chalk and Notch patterns and fewer people will need to do an FBA.

We have sent all of our most popular patterns to be graded, and the next step will be testing. We would love it if you would join our testing team. Our pattern testing is run in a private Facebook group, so having a FB account is required. We ask that you sew one sample during the test and complete a fit survey. Testers are not required to submit promotional images. If you would like to be notified when we are ready to test an updated pattern or a new release, please sign up below.

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Once we are ready to test, we will email you an application with specific details of the pattern test. Signing up to be notified does not guarantee a testing spot, and you are not obligated to join.

We are excited to dedicate the rest of 2020 to updating as many patterns as we can. I’m not sure how many we can re-release, but I promise we will do as many as we can (we have an ambitious calendar). Due to COVID-19, we don’t have plans to reshoot any of the listing images at this time, but we would like to hire sewists to shoot promotional images to share on our social channels. If you are interested in submitting promotional images, please sign up below. We’d love to work with you!

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Just a reminder that if you have purchased any of our previously released patterns, you will automatically receive the updated pattern in your account. No need to repurchase.

Lastly, thank you all for the support you have shown Chalk and Notch over the years. We look forward to getting our patterns updated and bringing you new designs in 2021!

XO, The Chalk and Notch Team

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