You can review the photos below or we also have a video clip of the clean fishing the armholes HERE.

Roll the Bodice to Finish the Armhole

To clean finish the armhole, take the bodice and roll one long end towards the other end. Continue all the way up until all of the bodice is rolled up in the small width of the armhole strap.

Victory Tank Bodice is shown rolled toward armhole.
View A Roll Bodice to Armhole
Victory Tank Bodice is shown rolled toward armhole.
View B Roll Bodice to Armhole

Once you have done that, leave the fabric rolled in the middle but lay the main and lining flat with the right sides up.

Sew the Armhole

Take the right side of the lining armhole and flip it around so it’s touching the right side of the main armhole with the tank rolled inside. Pin the right sides together with the cut edges lined up.

The armhole is shown pinned with main and lining right sides together.

Sew the armhole in one continuous seam from side seam to side seam. Clip the Curves

Armholes are shown sewn with seam allowance clipped.

Turn the Tank Right Side Out

Pull the roll of fabric out from the hem so that the tank top is right side out. You will be pulling the entire tank through this strap so you will need to tug a bit. Go back to “Roll the Bodice to Finish the Armhole” (Step 7 for View A and Step 15 for View B) and repeat for the other armhole. Turn right side out.

A hand turns fabric right side out through tank straps.

Understitch the Armhole

Open the tank and lay it flat with the lining right side up. The side seams will not be sewn yet. Understitch the armhole as far as you can go up the strap. Make sure to catch the seam allowance towards the lining.

A sewing machine foot is shown understitching the lining.

Turn right side out and press the armholes.

The inside lining of the tank is shown laying flat.

Sew the Side Seams

Flip the tank so that the right sides of the main and lining side seams are facing each other.

Side Seams are shown pinned.

Sew a continuous seam from the main hem to the armhole and back down to the lining hem. Make sure the armhole seam allowances are pressed towards the lining. Finish the seam. Repeat for the other side.

Side seams are shown pinned

Turn Right Side Out and Press

Turn the tank right side out and press the side seam and armholes.

View A
View B

Almost finished! Next we’ll hem the main and lining of your tank.

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