Sew the Shoulder Seams on Main & Lining

With the right sides together, sew the front and back bodice together at the shoulders. Press the seams open.

The black and white main fabric pieces are shown pinned at the shoulders.
Pinned Main Fabric Shoulder Seams
The black and white main fabric pieces are shown sewn at the shoulders.
Sewn and Pressed Main Fabric Shoulder Seams

Repeat for lining.

Cream Lining pieces are shown pinned at the shoulders.
Pinned Lining Fabric Shoulder Seams
Cream lining pieces are sewn together at the shoulders
Sewn and Pressed Lining Fabric Shoulder Seams

Sew the Neckline

Lay the main bodice down with the right side facing up. Place the lining right side down on top of the main. Pin with the cut edges lined up.

The neckline pieces are shown pinned wrong sides together.

Sew the neckline and clip the curves. Alternatively, you can trim the seam allowance to half.

The wrong side of the fabric is shown at the neckline. Thread snips are visible to the right.

Understitch the Neckline

Open the bodice, lay flat and press the lining towards the center.

An iron presses the seam allowance towards the cream lining and away from the black and white main fabric.

Understitch the neckline. Make sure to catch the seam allowance towards the lining.

A machine presser foot is shown sewing on the lining of view A.

Put the lining back inside the garment and press the neckline.

An iron presses the neckline of Victory View A

Next, we’ll move on to sewing the armholes and side seams.

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