Now we are ready to start sewing! Stay stitching, sewing darts (the back darts are optional) and sewing the bodice shoulder seams are up first.

Stay Stitching Neckline

Before handling your cut bodice pieces too much, sew a stitch line 1/4″ (0.6 cm) away from the fabric edge on the front and back neckline. This will keep the neckline from stretching and is especially important on lightweight fabrics with a tendency to “grow.”

If sewing the Mini Wren, you can skip down to “Sewing the Shoulder Seams” after this step. The Mini Wren does not include any darts. Continue below for Wren.

Sew the Bust Darts

Trace the bust dart legs to the wrong side of the pattern.

Sew the bust darts on the front bodice. Press the bust dart bulk down.

Sew the Optional Back Darts

You can omit this step if you don’t want the additional shaping of the back darts. For our pattern listing samples, we omitted the back darts in the blouse and added sewed them for the dress. Trace the back darts to the wrong side of the pattern on the back bodice.

Sew the back darts. Press the bust dart bulk towards the side seams.

Sew the Bodice Shoulder Seams

As we continue to sew the Blouse with short sleeves, we are sewing a Mini Wren, the Mini Wren does not include darts, but the rest of the sewing construction is the same as the adult Wren. The proportions will be smaller (and a bit easier to shoot and get the pattern pieces in frame).

With the right sides together, pin the front bodice to the back bodice.

Sew the front and back bodice shoulder seams. Finish the seams and press towards the back.

Now we’re ready to sew the facing and create the fold back placket.

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