Page Hoodie Sewing Supplies

Page Hoodie Sewing Supplies and Recommendations

Hello! Release week has finally arrived. I couldn’t be more excited to share the Page Hoodie and Mini Page Hoodie patterns with you. Between pattern development and sample sewing, a good deal of work was put into sourcing fabrics and supplies that would result in professional looking finishes. Ready to get sewing? Read on for some

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Page Hoodie Fitting and Custom Adjustments

Today I’m going over the most common fitting adjustments for the Page Hoodie. During testing, I’m able to see the pattern on about 50 different bodies. Helping testers with fit helps inform what fitting and custom adjustments I talk about in this post. I will say that because the Page is a knit garment with

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Page and Mini Page Hoodie Release

THE PAGE & MINI PAGE ARE HERE! EDIT: We have updated the Page to include three more sizes. The new size range is 0-30, with two bust cup options. Size charts have been updated below. Today we are launching our first double release, the Page and Mini Page Hoodie. My hope is that when you

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